WebApp Defender

Protect client facing websites with AI

Detect attacks

Protect against DDOS, Javascript Injection & MITM attacks


Verify webapp functions by validating them using automated tests


Comply with GDPR regulations and be notified on potential breaches


An unsual event occured on your webapp; track it from origin to river and eliminate the issue


Provide visiblity to your users; share governance data and compliance level(s)

Safeguard Reputation

Validate purchase flows and maintain IP-ratings in websearches

How does STYX WebApp Defender work?

Styx works with combining opensource technologies with inhouse AI. We have developed an easy to use workflow orchestration setup, that uses popular tools like Fail2ban, Nessus & Metasploit to validate and protect client-facing systems. We work actively towards providing plug and play integrations to popular platforms.


A common usecase for Styx, is to protect online businesses. Styx offers SSL-inspection, automated checkout processing and validation, protection against DDOS attacks and MITM protection schemes. This allows an owner of an E-commerce site to increase the security and operation of their site by huge margins.